Continuous Quality Improvement

Journey Mental Health Center continuously improves the services provided to consumers by clinicians and/or administrative staff. We are further committed to ongoing review and improvement of our infrastructure resources (human resources, payroll, IT, accounting, etc.).

Journey recognizes that change must be a dynamic component of any not-for-profit health care organization in today’s economy. We have adapted The Plan-Do-Study Act (PDSA) model for improvement and testing change. Improvement is measured in a variety of ways, including specific outcome based tools, satisfaction surveys, and focus group feedback.

Oversight for these activities is the responsibility of the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Committee. The CQI group meets twice monthly, and is composed of individuals representing organizational functions:

  • Chair: Lynn Brady, Chief Operating Officer
  • Karen Milner, M.D., Medical Director
  • Brad Schlough, Director of Community and Emergency Services
  • Theresa Bednarek, Crisis Intervention
  • Colleen Clark-Buss, Human Resources/Payroll
  • Terry Murphy, Client Rights
  • Margaret Afifi, Accounting
  • Janko Boehme, IT
  • Lisa Lizak, Policy
  • Jan Fullenwider, Clinical Specialist
  • Consumer Representative
  • Becky Eberhardt
  • Mark Breunig, Data Analysis
  • Mary Sue Roberts, Training
  • Mike Wiltse, Communications
  • Diane Schmidt, Nursing