The Care Fund

Journey Mental Health Center operates a program known simply as the Care Fund. The Care Fund is an emergency fund strictly for the needs of Journey Mental Health Center consumers. Most consumer needs are addressed by clinical services including assessment, counseling, medication, case management, employment, and coaching and support. However, common problems most of us deal with daily can become major barriers to recovery for those we serve. The Care Fund provides modest financial assistance to Journey consumers for a variety of needs, including:

  • Basic needs (food, personal care, and house cleaning products).
  • Education and vocational training.
  • Exercise and wellness programs.
  • Classes in personal finance, home repair, cooking and more.
  • Sponsorship to events and conferences promoting advocacy, recovery, and more.
  • Transportation needs.
  • Home and vehicle repair.
  • Supplies for hobbies or minor occupations.

The Care Fund is supported entirely by individuals and businesses outside Journey Mental Health Center. Your support, and that of other donors, enables Journey Mental Health Center to help consumers without reducing program funding.