Community Meets Consumer at “We’re Not Bananas Ice Cream Social & Stigma-Buster”

Child with Ice Cream SundaeOn Sunday, September 30th, residents of Madison and Southern Wisconsin met with current and former mental health consumers and their families/friends at Journey Mental Health Center’s “Were Not Bananas Ice Cream Social & Stigma-Buster.” The event encouraged a meaningful dialog about mental health and addiction. Community members met and talked to consumers as they really are – not as they are negatively portrayed in the mass media or by the entertainment industry.

Consumers wore buttons that read, “Ask Me About My Journey.” This invited community members to ask questions about how mental health and addiction issues impacted the lives of consumers, their families, and friends. There was discussion about how the stigma arising from a  mental health or addiction diagnosis can be as difficult to overcome as the illness itself.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed perfect fall weather, generous banana splits, beverages, and music from the Capitol Chordsmen, and The Impact of Brass.

For questions about the “We’re Not Bananas Ice Cream Social & Stigma-Buster”, please contact Dan Muxfeld, Director of Development and Community Relations at (608) 280-2566 or

One thought on “Community Meets Consumer at “We’re Not Bananas Ice Cream Social & Stigma-Buster”

  1. I have lived with mental illness which goes along with alcohol/drug addiction, most of my life in both family and dear friends. It is so refreshing to see more help and a better journey for those who do not want to be the way they are…if this can be prevented before it starts, educate before incarceration, the revolving door of prison…all that takes a community to support! You are a welcomed
    community support. Lonna Temple

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