Alternative Sanctions Treatment

Treatment Courts

Treatment Courts are multi-agency programs administered by DCDHS to provide sentencing alternatives and sentencing reductions to the criminal justice system for persons with substance use problems. The programs divert inmates from the jail, divert people who are headed to jail and may reduce incarceration times. Consumers are diverted into a community based program of substance abuse treatment and case management. The Alternative Sanctions Program at Journey Mental Health Center provides operational oversight, interagency coordination, as well as initial screening, assessment, and referral to appropriate treatment and other community resources.


  • Drug Treatment Court Program/ Drug Court Diversion Program:
    Screenings and assessments for both programs are completed by JMHC staff. The results of the assessment of risk factors and consumer needs determines what program the client is eligible for.
  • OWI Treatment Court Program:
    Screenings and assessments are completed by JMHC staff. JMHC staff provides clinical case management to insure clinical needs are being addressed.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is determined by the court system. Interested individuals should consult with court authorities.

Contact Information

Court referred individuals enrolled in an eligible alternative sanctions program can call (608) 280-2653.  Alternative Sanctions is located at 25 Kessel Court, Madison, WI 53711.