Ujima Treatment Program

Ujima Program services are dedicated to promoting the self identity and quality of life of African American families who are affected by substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors, trauma, and other mental health related issues.

Screening and Referral

African American adults seeking treatment services for substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors can receive a screening appointment. Following the screening appointment they are referred either to the Ujima Treatment Program; to agency outpatient treatment services; or to an appropriate level of care.

Ujima Treatment Program

Individual, group and family sessions addressing substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors, or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders treatment with case management services and integrated psychiatry services. Individuals and families can participate in the UJIMA Treatment program for up to 18 months. Program goals include family involvement for at least six months.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a Dane County resident. At least one adult family member must have a substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors and be willing to participate in alcohol and other drug abuse treatment. Priority will be given to families who have children under age 18. The adult family member seeking services is eligible for treatment under agency contracts, insurance, and/or funding guidelines.

Contact Information

Ujima Treatment Program: 608-280-2520 or 608-280-2519. Services are located at 49 Kessel Court, Madison, WI 53711.