Yahara House

“By including me in this community where all have worth and lives have promise, Yahara House saved me from an empty existence and made my life one of honor to me, my colleagues, neighbors, family and the larger citizenry.” – E.E., a YH member

A certified clubhouse of the International Center for Clubhouse Development

Yahara House offers adults with mental illness a path to recovery through relationships and work. It is built on the clubhouse model which guarantees: a place to belong, meaningful relationships, meaningful work and a place to return. Yahara House emphasizes opportunities for members to regain their rightful place in society as family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers. It is dedicated to advancing recovery, cultural competence and community reintegration. The “clubhouse model” used by Yahara House is an evidenced-based practice recognized by the Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Yahara House offers:

  • A Work-Ordered Day, Monday-Friday, which is the heart of Yahara House. Members and staff work together at everything. They make decisions about running the clubhouse, its policies, budget, staff, public relations, education, advocacy and program evaluation. Members contribute their diverse talents and skills by doing a wide variety of volunteer work in three departments – Cafe Yahara, BIZ, and Membership/Communications (MC). They also publish a newsletter, work on policy committees, and educate the public. Through these opportunities, members increase self-worth, confidence, dignity, pride, coping strategies and community skills.
  • Transitional Employment Program partners Yahara House with local businesses to give members the opportunity to be employed part time in entry level positions at a competitive wage. TEP gives members who have little or no paid work experience a chance to build a reliable work history and job references. TEP is often a stepping stone to other jobs for members.
  • Supported Employment gives members additional opportunities to secure independent employment, as well as weekly Work Support dinners for strong peer support.
  • Job Assessment, Counseling, Placement/Coaching
  • Benefits Counseling, assists members to maximize their earning power and other financial resources.
  • Advocacy & Case Management
  • Member-Run, Self-Help Groups
  • Health & Wellness Opportunities
  • Social/Recreational Opportunities & Cultural Celebrations
  • 1:1 Supportive Counseling
  • Psychiatric Consultation
  • Limited Onsite Medication Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Money Management

Take A Self Guided Tour

Watch this video and learn more about Yahara House!

Friends of Yahara House

Friends of Yahara House, a group of volunteer citizens, play a key role in attracting private resources to improve the quality of members’ lives. It opens doors at local businesses, advocates for Yahara House, educates the community, works to de-stigmatize mental illness and serves as an advisory board for the continued development and growth of Yahara House and its members.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Dane County resident
  • 18 years old or older
  • Diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness
  • Social Security Supplement/Medicaid (SSI/MA) or Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP)

Contact Information

Call 608-280-4700 to set up a tour.