Adult Crisis Stabilization

The Crisis Stabilization Program provides an array of services aimed at assisting Dane County residents, with persistent mental health illness, in becoming and remaining stable in the community. Services include short-term stays in a Crisis Home or Recovery House, longer-term stays in Adult Family Homes, and support individuals while transitioning to independent living. The program employs approximately 30 Mental Health Aides (MHA’s), many who are self-identified mental health consumers. MHA’s assist individuals with support, structure, transportation, and medication delivery. The MHA’s also coordinate both a womens’ and mens’ group that meets weekly in the community for various activities, including bowling and movies. All participation in the Crisis Stabilization services is voluntary.

Eligibility Criteria

Adult Crisis Stabilization services are available to all Dane County residents who are at risk for both voluntary and involuntary county-funded hospitalizations.

Contact Information

Call  608-280-2624 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
After hours and weekends, please call the Emergency Service 24-hour line at 608-280-2600.