Crisis Intervention

Emergency Services Unit (ESU)/Crisis Intervention Service (CIS)

CIS is a 24/7 year ’round day mental health service offering face-to-face counseling services for Dane County residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis, including suicide and homicide. CIS staff provide short-term counseling and linking to ongoing services. Staff also assist in scheduling emergency appointments with mental health prescribers working in ESU, and are able to assist in short-term case management and psychotropic medication management until individuals are connected with longer-term mental health services. CIS is an active referral source to ongoing community-based mental health services. The CIS staff is also the gatekeeper for all county-funded voluntary and involuntary hospitalizations.

ESU/CIS is also a primary source of consultation to Dane County law enforcement personnel, mental health/human service workers, and medical personnel responding to a traumatic event in the community.

Eligibility Criteria

ESU/CIS services are available to all Dane County residents who are covered by private insurance, Badgercare Physcians Plus HMO, Badgercare Unity HMO, and to individuals who have no insurance resources.

Contact Information

24-Hour Number: 608-280-2600