July 16, 2024

BETTER THAN OKAY: Moving from Illness to Happiness

Are you looking to help your clients thrive, not just survive? This workshop on positive psychology can teach you how to use science-based techniques

BETTER THAN OKAY: Moving from Illness to Happiness

Cont. Ed: BETTER THAN OKAY: Moving from Illness to Happiness

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
 Dr. David Mays, MD, PhD
Venue:  Zoom
2.0 CE Hours (NBCC/ACEP Approved #6760)
Cost: $70
Registration: For more information and to register, click HERE!

Training Description:

The traditional goal of mental health treatment has been to alleviate symptoms of disease rather than promote health and happiness. From Freud’s view that the best that neurotic human beings can achieve is “ordinary unhappiness” to the common assumption that happiness is simply what you get when you get rid of what’s bothering you, behavioral science has been slow to apply scientific principles to the study of what makes a life worth living. All this is changing, however, and today we’re beginning to understand the principles behind what makes people feel better than “just OK.”

This workshop will provide you with suggestions so you can help your clients move beyond “neutral” in their lives, using findings from neurophysiology, research data from “Positive Psychology,” and observations from the new science of happiness. We will focus on what makes people mentally healthy, fulfilled, and satisfied—not simply free from misery.

In this workshop, you learn how to:

- Understand the different models of "mental health"

- Describe the major tenets of positive psychology

- Apply knowledge about happiness and meaning in working with clients with various disorders, as well as yourself

Workshop topics:

- Mental health— What is it, and who says so?

- What is positive about positive psychology?

- Is there really a science of happiness?

- Why "it's always something"? (What keeps us from being happy?)

- Is happiness possible?

- How can I help my clients, friends, family, and myself be happier? (Useful exercises in happiness)


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