1-800-SUICIDE (273-8255)
Dane County 24-hour Crisis Line: 608-280-2600
Warning Signs Of Suicide
What To Do If Someone Is Showing Signs Of Suicide

The mission of all Emergency Services (ESU) programs is to support individuals with special, and long-term, mental health needs, reside successfully in the community. The goals of ESU programs include assisting adults and children in crisis to return to a more satisfactory level of functioning, using the immediate crisis as an opportunity to gain insight and make changes in their immediate situation that will lead to a more satisfactory level of functioning. ESU also works to prevent suicides, reduce the number of out-of-home placements for children/youth and reduce the need for unnecessary hospitalizations and institutional stays.

ESU services include responses to suicide attempts and situations that include a high-risk threat to self and/or others; short term outpatient stabilization and case management until a transfer can be made to long term services; treatment for acute psychiatric problems; gate keeping of hospital and institutional admissions; monitoring of hospitalized clients; crisis stabilization services; consultation to other community professionals, including law enforcement; and survivor of suicide services to those affected by a death by suicide.

Bayside Care Center

Bayside Care Center is Journey Mental Health Center’s residential care facility.

Suicide Prevention

Emergency Services provides a 24-Hour Suicide Prevention and Emergency Mental Health Line. Trained professionals are available to assess suicide and homicide risk for all Dane County residents.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention is a 24-Hour mental health service offering face-to-face counseling services for Dane County residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Adult Crisis Stabilization

Adult Crisis Stabilization provides an array of services aimed at assisting Dane County residents with special mental health needs.

Youth Crisis Stabilization

Youth Crisis Stabilization provides clinical consultation to all Dane County Group Homes and Transitional Foster Homes.

Survivors of Suicide Support

Support and information is provided to persons who have experienced a loss through a death by suicide.

Recovery House

Recovery House is a residential hospital diversion program providing support to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.  It is the least restrictive hospital diversion option facilitating the flow of consumers through the mental health continuum of care in Dane County.