Groups for Parent/Caregivers and youth are provided for families in treatment as well as community members.  Groups are provided on site, in the community, and in area schools.

Examples of on-site groups:

  • People Who Parent group:
    For parents/caregivers.  This group is bilingual and open to the community.
  • Act – Adults and Children Together (to build safe and strong families):
    Coed group for parents / caregivers who are seeking to learn positive discipline, anger management, and conflict resolutions skills. The goal or the group is to empower caregivers to build safe and strong families, while preventing maltreatment and protecting childrenand youth from trauma and its long term consequences.  Available in English and Spanish.
  • Parenting II:  Coed group for parents and caregivers that have completed ACT. This group is designed to build skills for people who are coping with parenting and the challenges of daily family life.  Participants will learn and practice positive stress reduction skills, understand child development, and learn positive parenting strategies and non violent behavior management techniques. Participants will also have an opportunity to process parenting challenges specific to their situation. This group is open to anyone who is parenting children in any kind of family setting.

Eligibility Criteria

Most group offerings are for individuals enrolled in treatment service. Groups offered to any community member may include: parenting or anger management.

Contact Information

To schedule an intake appointment for Family Based Services, contact Central Intake at 608-280-2720.
Central Intake is located at 625 West Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703.