Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Say Every Name

George Floyd • Breonna Taylor • Jacob Blake • Soon Chung Park • Hyun Jung Grant • Suncha Kim • Yong Yue • Delaina Ashley Yaun • Paul Andre Michels • Xiaojie Tan • Daoyou Feng • Daunte Wright • Adam Toledo • Anthony Alvarez...

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“Equity is the measured experience of individual, interpersonal, and organizational success and well-being across all stakeholder populations and the absence of discrimination, mistreatment, or abuse for all. Equity is achieved by eliminating structural barriers resulting from historical and present-day inequities and meeting individuals’, groups’, and organizations’ unique needs.”

—Lily Zheng, DEI Deconstructed

Where We Stand

Our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits continue to respond and try to make sense of the violence and hate we are living through. Journey Mental Health Center stands strong in our belief that Black Lives Matter. We recognize the urgency to stop Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate and disrupt white supremacy culture in all its forms. As mental health professionals dedicated to being anti-racist and promoting healing, we see the pervasiveness and deeply harmful impact of racialized violence, historical trauma, and gender-based oppression. We see and feel the pain that our Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ communities continue to live through. We stand in solidarity inspired by both Fannie Lou Hamer’s “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” and Dolores Huerta’s “¡Sí, Se Puede!”. We are committed to being braver and bolder in order to Nurture Belonging, Promote Equity, and Build Racial Justice in our agency and community.

Get Involved

• Sign-on to the Declaration: Racism is a Public Health Crisis in Wisconsin

• Sign-on to the Declaration: Racism is a Public Health Crisis in Wisconsin

• Report Asian American Pacific Islander hate through Stop AAPI Hate

• Attend a Bystander Intervention training through hollaback!

• Learn and act by signing up for Anti-Racism Daily

Questions or Comments?

If you’d like to speak to us about diversity, equity, and inclusion, email our DEI Organizational Consultant at d.mitchell-vance@journeymhc.org.

• Sign-on to the Community-Centered Response to Violence Against Asian American Communities

“Belonging means more than just being seen. Belonging entails having a meaningful voice and the opportunity to participate in the design of social and cultural structures. Belonging means having the right to contribute to and make demands on society and political institutions.”

—John A. Powell, Othering & Belonging Institute
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