Roben R

‘Bayside helped me feel like a person again,’ says Journey client

Forty-nine-year-old Roben R., a Madison resident, suffered from a lifetime of post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, and severe depression that led to homelessness, drugs, alcohol and petty crimes.

With the help of two Journey Mental Health Center programs. Bayside Care Center and Recovery House, Roben says she is “retiring from that life.”

“I’ve been going to counseling for 20 years, but it wasn’t helping. I was on medications, but I was still doing drugs and alcohol. I was only use one piece of therapy and it didn’t work,” she says. “I led a pretty rough life but eventually I got tired of my life in the streets. I simply decided it wasn’t the life for me.”

Roben kick started her therapy five years ago, but only after being hospitalized for overdose attempt when she learned of her mother’s passing Journey’s Bayside Care Center helped Roben get back on track after her release from Meriter’s psychiatric unit.“I was at Bayside for two weeks. They helped me back to reality and helped me establish goals and made me feel like a person. They got me on the right meds. They have a nice staff.”

Roben is especially grateful to Journey’s Recovery House and says it’s the best thing about Journey.

“Recovery House is a safe place to be. When I walk through the doors I’m treated with respect. People listen and problem solve with me. I know that whatever I need I will accomplish because people at Recovery House care,” Roben says.In her spare time, Roben enjoys cooking, baking and making jewelry. She is also into action movies: “I like Stallone and DeNiro movies,” she says.